Friday, October 29, 2010

Challenge 19.

Challenge: Your nicknames and why you got them.

My nicknames:
Fnyller: My dad has called me that since I was a baby, but I have no idea why..

Sufi: My sister calls me that. I think it's just a cuter way to say Sofie, but you'll have to ask her why..

Miss Sophie / Sophie Doks: It's from "Dinner for one".

Spasser (Spaz in English): My bestfriend calls me that and both of us don't really know why..

Sof: Well kinda obvious just the short of my name..


  1. Well, Sofie, I think you forgot the most important one - Nemooooo

  2. True! But that's because you haven't called me that for a looooong time, so I kinda (luckily) forgot about it.. (:


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