Tuesday, December 14, 2010

All Black.

I haven't really felt inspired the last week, which is why I haven't posted anything. I thought it was better just to keep away from the blog than to post some halfhearted posts.
But now I have things to show you!
My mom actually bought this dress, from Tiger of Sweden, for herself awhile ago. Black is really not her color, but every woman needs a LBD.. When I was it I thought it was pretty (was hoping that she'd bought it for me!).
So a couple of days ago she came to my room with it and said that if it fitted me, we could share it. Which basically means that it's mine cause she's never gonna use it.
And as you know a week ago I was doing some shopping before I met with my sister in Tivoli.
This draping top is all I bought for myself (tried a hell lot of different stuff on though). It's from Vero Moda, and I think it's gonna be part of my Christmas outfit!

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