Saturday, February 19, 2011

Minnie Mouse Bows.

As I told you guys earlier I had two new pair of shoes home with me from Austria.
And here they are!

  These beauties are what the title refers to. The red bows remind me of Minnie Mouse!
I saw then and thought 'They are coming home with me!'.
The bows can the taken off though so they are more jeans friendly and I also got some red laces for them.
As you can probably all see they are from Adidas. I actually got a pair like these already in (ones) white, peach and blue.
 The second pair are these simple black ones from Lacoste.
Had actually bought the others first, but found out that I needed a pair of shoes that were all black (will tell you the reason later) so these got to get a new home too.

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