Wednesday, May 25, 2011


My makeup today (you can actually see the camera in my eye). Though a but more copper-ish irl. (Seems like my camera never really catches the right color of my eyeshadow..) The eyeshadow is from the new Surf, Baby! collection from MAC. It's from the Surf The Ocean combination of Crushed Metallic Pigment.
 Here's all the 4 Surf The Ocean pigments. A silver, green-ish silver, copper and a green-ish black.
So far I've only tried the copper one, but I'm already in love with them. You will diffidently see more looks with these later on.


  1. det ser godt nok flot ud til dine øjne! :)

  2. Mange tak. Var også rigtig glad for resultatet. (:


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