Tuesday, June 28, 2011

To the max.

 What I was wearing today for work.
Finally found a maxi tank dress that I liked. It's from Only and was only 100kr. The Cardigan and the shoes are also new. The cardigan is from Inwear and the shoes from Bianco.
I've also ordered some stuff from Asos which should arrive on Monday - Can't wait!


  1. cool outfit!
    yeah i got the skull in london aswel! you can always order it from the webshop, i was considering doing that but i couldn't resist buying it even though i had to carry it in an extra plastic bag..stupid. but worth it!


  2. Thanks.
    Oh, I had totally forgotten about the webshop (prob for the best but..). Haha, Well least you got it home with you! (:


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