Sunday, July 3, 2011

3 hours.

That's how long it took me to get home from work today. I was off at 17.10, at 19 I was at Ryparken only to discover that I couldn't get to the platform with the trains.. Luckily me dad came to the rescue and picked me up.
Do I need to tell you that I hate rain right now?

Anywho.. This is the makeup I was wearing. 


  1. Three hours is really a long time!!

    And what a stunning make up!
    I love it !!

  2. Especially when it normally only takes 45 mins. Then three hours is a hell of a long time!

    Thanks (: I was quite pleased with it myself.

  3. Silly rain!
    What a shame they said there would be more rain tonight!

    I can understand that.. I'm really thinking about getting and orange eye shadow now to try it! :p

  4. waaaaauuw,, beautyfull eyes. Now I have follow you blog. I hope you want to follow my blog too :D



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