Thursday, July 21, 2011

How-to: Smokey Green.

What I used:
Soft Ochre Paint Pot

Plumage + Vanilla + Juxt Eyeshadow
Dark Indulgence + Golden Gaze Mineralize Eyeshadow
Powersurge Eye Kohl
Any black kohl + mascara
How to do it:
1. Start off with a clean eye after having done foundation & concealer.
2. Put the Paint Pot (Soft Ochre) all over the eyelid (all the way up to the brow).
3. Use a light color (Vanilla) as highlighter right under the brow and in the corner of the eye.
4. Use the light green (Juxt) about 1/3 onto the eyelid (You can use another color if you don't like green).
5. Use a dark green (Dark Indulgence) on the rest of the eyelid (again you can use another color).
 6. Use a fluffy brush to blend the eyeshadows together so there aren't any sharp lines.
7. Draw with and eyeliner (Powersurge) under the lower lash line and smudge it a bit with your finger.
8. Blend a matching eyeshadow (Golden Gaze) over the liner.
9. Add a darker color (Plumage) to the case (the outer part of the eyelid & the part that moves when you open your eyes) to make the eye more intense.
10. Now it's time for loads of mascara & black liner right by the lash line.

 What it looks like when it's all done.

What do you guys think about my first How-to on makeup?
Do you want more like it or not?

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  1. Jeg synes det er fantastisk. Så kan man selv prøve at lave sådan en flot make up, som du altid har på. Og så er den ret brugervenlig til os der ikke lige er så skarpe i det til sådan noget.


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