Wednesday, August 10, 2011


 That's the price I paid for these babies.
I mean for 125kr. who wouldn't buy them?
(If you happen to live near Lyngby I'd go by the mall and visit the old Ecco shop, everything costs 125kr.)
They are perfect for work. All black and the heel isn't too high so I'll (hopefully) be able to wear them without any pain.


  1. Sooo niiiiiiiiice! That's all I can say :-)

    //Frederikke -

  2. Everything? Why do I live in Aalborg >_<

  3. Frederikke: Yup, and they are pretty comfy as well. Had them on at work today for about 8 hours.

    Maria: Yeah, everything! A bunch of different brands and least 3 different Vagabond styles. I just couldn't resist..


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