Thursday, April 5, 2012

Think Pink!

 In case you hadn't noticed I have a think for pink. And now my hair matches my new clutch!
This is what happen at the hairdresser when I met with my sis's bestfriend. 
I've been thinking of trying a colour shampoo for a while, Camille always makes it look so amazing. And so does Sara for that matter!
And I'm quite pleased with the result, though my roots didn't take the treatment very well. But it gives it a bit of a colour wash effect with the darker ends.

These Lakeme Teknia Shampoo and Conditioner is what we used.
It's a treatment that is used to refresh red colour-treated hair, but in my blond hair it turns pink-ish instead. Which was also what I was going for!

It'll be fun to see what the family will say tomorrow, since my sis is the only one who knows about it.
Hope you're all having a great Easter holiday, I sure am!


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